AVA Incoming Studies Safe & Health
AVA Incoming Studies Safe & Health


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  • Medical costs to 30.000€ in case of hospitalization
  • Reimbursement based on Social Security
  • Attestation delivered in 24h


€ 118 / year

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This contract fully meets the regulations of entry and stay of foreigners who study in the Schengen Area.

This annual and flexible insurance includes the coverage of sufficient medical expenses and civil liability.

Coverage duration

Up to 12 months

Country of residency

Country out of the European Union


European Union 

Travel type

Students in Europe

Age limit

Before 60 y.o 

Price from

€118 / year



Support for hospitalization costs up to €30,000

  • 70% of the Social Security reimbursement base per insured person and per year

Reimbursement of costs excluding hospitalization up to € 30,000 per insured and per year for :

  • Doctor, radiology: 70% of the Social Security reimbursement base, deductible 23 € for the 1st act
  • Analyzes: at 60% of the Social Security reimbursement base
  • Paramedical acts: nursing and physiotherapy care at 60% of the social security reimbursement base
  • Pharmacy from 15% to 70% of the Social Security reimbursement base

To know more information about the Medical Costs Coverage, you can check the dedicated page here (in French)

Civil Liability Insurance, deductible €80

  • Bodily injury and material and immaterial damage combined up to € 4,575,000
  • Material and non-material damage only up to € 76,225
  • Objects entrusted as part of an internship

To know more informations about the Public Liability, you can check the dedicated page here. (in French)


  • Relapses of previously observed diseases with a risk of sudden and near unbound worsening.
  • The consequences or relapses of accident or illness previously observed and the medical expenses incurred by the diagnosis or treatment of a physiological condition (pregnancy) already known before the effective date of the guarantee
  • When the insured practices a sport in a professional, practical or amateur race that requires the use of a land, air or waterborne motor vehicle.
  • When the insured uses as pilot or passenger an ultralight, hang-glider, flying wing, parachute or paraglider.

Contact us for any requests regarding exclusions


SubscriptionBefore 40 y.oBefore 60 y.o
Per person€118 / year€198 / year


To subscribe only on the day of accession Refold all the options / Unfold all the options. 

Medical transportation

Medical repatriation to the country of origin

  • Repatriating the insured’s body to his/her country of origin in the event of death
  • Funeral expenses necessary for the body transportation
  • Legal assistance, up to € 760


Capital Accident

  • Payment of a capital of € 15,000 in the event of accidental death or disability
Guarantee amountBefore 40 y.o.Before 60 y.o.
Before 60 y.o.€ 82€ 168
  • 100% coverage on the Social Security reimbursement base for hospital costs up to € 46,000 per insured per year
  • Daily costs in the event of hospitalization
  • 100% reimbursement on the Social Security reimbursement base for medical costs excluding hospitalization.
  • Optical and dental: 100% on the Social Security Reimbursement Base instead of 80%


From 80% to 100% of the Social Security Reimbursement Base instead of 70%

  • Dental care : cavities only (package of 150 € the first year only)
  • Optics : corrective lenses only
  • Medical acts and Pharmacy
  • Surgery and Hospitalization:
    • up to € 46,000 per year and per insured under 40 years old
    • up to € 800 per year per insured under 60 years old
Guarantee amount80 % of the S.S. reimbursement base100 % of the S.S. reimbursement base
Before 40 y.o.€ 150€ 512
Before 60 y.o.€ 330€ 700


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