assurance annulation de voyage
assurance annulation de voyage


L’assurance annulation de voyage

  • Reimbursement of cancellation costs remaining to the insured
  • Including in the event of any unforeseeable event making the trip impossible


€ 20

Charges based on the price of the trip



This travel cancellation insurance is the ideal option for travelers looking for full cancellation cover.

This guarantee covers any unforeseeable event beyond your control preventing you from leaving, including reasons related to COVID.

To be subscribed no later than 24 hours after the purchase of the trip or the day before the 1st day of application of the penalties provided for in the tour operator’s cancellation.

Coverage duration

Up to 180 days

Country of residency

European Union


All the world except the exclude countries

Travel type

Tourism, Sports

Age limit


Price from

€ 20



The guarantees of the trip cancellation insurance.

Including relapses or aggravations of previous illnesses

Reimbursement of cancellation costs, without deductible, up to €12,000 per insured and €30,000 per event, in the event of:

  • Illness, accident, hospitalization or death of the insured, his spouse, a member of his family, the person accompanying him during his trip or the professional replacement of the insured (liberal professions only) previously named in the membership form.
  • Refusal of boarding by the insured resulting from a temperature measurement at the airport on the day of departure.
  • Positive result of a PCR and/or antigen test of the insured.
  • Absence of vaccination of the insured.
  • Designation “Case contact” within 14 days prior to departure.

The insured and his/her spouse are also covered, with a deductible of €50 per case, in the event of:

  • Administrative or judicial summons
  • Summons to a resit exam
  • Economic dismissal
  • Significant material damage or theft, at home or professional premises, requiring the imperative presence of the insured
  • Serious damage to the vehicle or breakdown of the means of transport preventing the insured from reaching the place of stay
  • Contraindications and consequences of vaccination
  • Obtaining a job for those registered with Pôle Emploi
  • Professional change leading to a move
  • Refusal of leave by the employer, deductible 25%
  • Tourist visa refusal
  • Flight within 48 hours prior to departure of an essential travel document
  • Divorce
  • Riot, attack or act of terrorism occurring abroad

Reimbursement of cancellation costs up to €6,000 per insured and €30,000 per event, deductible €50 per file, in the event of impossibility to leave due to the occurrence of ANY unforeseeable event beyond the control of the insured not listed above, including attacks and acts of terrorism in the country of destination, EXCEPT:

  • Any circumstance only detrimental to the simple pleasure of the trip,
  • Financial failure, liability of the tour operator or carrier,
  • Cancellations due to the tour operator or carrier,
  • Cancellations resulting from forgetting to vaccinate,
  • Cancellations resulting from the non-presentation of a document essential to the trip,
  • Pregnancy complication beyond the 28th week,
  • Pollution, natural, health and climate disasters,
  • Events occurring between registration for the trip and subscription to the insurance contract.
  • Remboursement des prestations terrestres non utilisées au prorata temporis (transport non compris), à concurrence de 12.000 € par assuré et 30.000 € par évènement.
  • Remboursement des frais d’hébergement suite à mise en quarantaine, à concurrence de 150 € par nuit, maximum 14 nuits
  • Prise en charge des frais de prolongation de séjour des accompagnants suite à hospitalisation de l’assuré, à concurrence de 80 € par nuit, maximum 14 nuits


With this cancellation insurance, in the event of cancellation, our compensation completes the amount reimbursed by your tour operator and within the limit of the ceiling indicated in the general conditions.
Subscription4,3 % of the travel price €20 minimum

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