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AVA is an insurance broker which design and distribute ready for use contracts adapt to all the traveler. Since two years, AVA decides to supply an inspirational dose and some freshness to her actions, so she creates GObyAVA.


Let’s get to know each other


The GObyAVA’s story is similar to an odyssey. As a captain, she sets sail on the internet. She spreads a wind of freshness in the world of the travel insurance with its light tone. In front of her, several horizons, she chooses the most favorable route to meet people because she is thirst of knowledge. She continues her quest and multiply the conquest in order to gain more rewarding experiences. She wanders through the digital universe and she cross heterogeneous territories, guided by ethnic diversity.


As a traveler, GObyAVA furrowed the unknown, she treads about thirty destinations to gather quality informations. Then through the serenity of the country of the rising sun, the excessiveness of the New World, or Africa, land of a thousand colors, she is impregnated with each culture to give life to her blog. Novice travelers, seasoned or simply curious, this site is a temple of travel. On this inspirational website you can find good plans, practical informations, risks according to the geographical zones, the different types of stay …

  • Travel all around the world and immersion within destinations synonym of fascination
  • Travelers partners who deliver their tips and advices
  • An overview of the different types of trips possible and testimonials from our travellers partners
  • Notre objectif premier : illuminate the grey area to realize your wish to discover the world


From the creation of AVA to the adventure of GObyAVA

In 1981, Alain Cordier, third generation of passionate insurer and travel agent since 1974, creates AVA.

The goal : Assure and assist French tourists for short trips.
While there was only one travel insurer on the market with basic services, Alain Cordier allows the customer to choose and adhere to his specific needs.

Creative, independent, AVA designs specific products to its brand from the needs & expectations of customers. The anticipation, the comfort and the flexibility of its offers will immediately forge its footprint.

Created from end to end by Alain Cordier, the CARTE SANTÉ “USA-CANADA” covers medical expenses for the day. This optional insurance, marketed by travel agents, sells for up to 20,000 copies a year. This is the first solution of its kind in the travel insurance market.

Vincent Cordier, handyman at heart, joins his father at AVA and carries a new concept combining insurance and technology: 15 AUTOMATIC DISTRIBUTORS travel insurance are installed in Paris airports and allow to issue a certificate of guarantee before boarding ! It’s a world first ! 

AVA publie son SITE INTERNET. Il est le 1er assureur voyages à offrir la souscription en ligne avec paiement en carte bleue !

GObyAVA was create in order to be completely dedicated to young traveler. AVA creates that dynamic brand to be closer with the community, that’s why she affirms her presence on the social media ! And now a new blog sees the light of a day !

#GOBYAVAFAMILY, a community that live under the sign of conviviality

The GObyAVA Family invites lovers of travel around a common passion: the thirst for adventure. This growing community brings together adventurers from all walks of life : backpackers, tourdumondists, PVTistes, students and clients are together. With AVA as parent company and influencer partnerships in the shoes of “big brothers”, the journey promises to be welcoming. Thanks to the contribution of all the members, the complicity is reinforced from day to day, revealing multiple touches of humor.

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What about AVA ?

A singular positioning

As a wholesale broker, AVA finds its place upstream and downstream of the players in the profession.


For insurers, we bring expertise in :

Management of financial flows
The control of the reports
Analysis of statistics

For partner-distributors, we guarantee :

The quality of a complete and progressive offer
Online subscription and sales tools
Advice and needs analysis

For individuals, businesses & groups of people, we offer :

Consulting services
Creations and designs of tailor-made offers

A singular positioning

Comprised of a dozen employees, AVA masters the management of your contracts, from the subscription to the payment of compensation to travelers.

• Anne-Sophie, Emilie, Nadine, Mounia, Virginie and Steven, account managers, accompany you, from our office, effectively in your choice. The welcome, the listening and the advice are our vouchers for YOUR serenity.

• At the same time, our spaces of exchange with our 1000 partners-distributors extend the spirit of our office as well as the quality of our services and services of the 4 corners of France at the end of the world. So you always have an AVA advisor near you.

  • AVA masters the management of your contracts, from the subscription to the payment of compensation to travelers
  • Welcome, listening and advice are our vouchers for YOUR serenity
  • Our trading spaces with our 1000 partner-distributors extend the spirit of our office

The AVA team

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